All inquiries concerning admission to pg电子游戏试玩 should be directed to the Office of Admissions. To be eligible for admission, a person must be a graduate of a recognized high school. Persons who are not high school graduates are required to pass the General Education Development (GED) test and make a satisfactory score on the ACT and/or SAT before being admitted.

Applications for admission are accepted any time during the calendar year. Persons interested in applying should write or call the Admissions Office for an application and instructions for applying. All applicants should have high school and/or college transcripts, ACT或SAT成绩, or a GED passing score transcript sent directly to the Office of Admissions, pg电子游戏试玩, Lorman, Mississippi, 39096-7500.

申请入学时, ACT或SAT简介, 收到成绩单和/或GED成绩单, the applicant will be notified concerning his/her status. 提交部分笔录是有利的, as this will enable the staff to evaluate the academic record and provide an early response to the applicant’s request for admission. Partial transcripts should include all available grades earned from freshman year to present. The partial transcript does not substitute for the final transcript, which should be submitted after graduating from high school.

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Former students in good standing who have not enrolled for one or more semesters (summer session excluded) must complete the application for readmission available online. A former student must be in good standing before being readmitted.
pg电子游戏试玩 adheres to the principle of equal opportunity. The university does not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex, 国家的起源, 年龄或残疾.


There are five ways to gain Freshman Undergraduate admission to pg电子游戏试玩:

  1. Complete the 大学预科课程 as listed below with a minimum 3.2 GPA.
  2. Complete the 大学预科课程 with a minimum 2.平均绩点为5分,在英语考试中至少得16分或更高 ACT or rank in the upper 50% of your class and score at least 16 or higher on the ACT.
  3. Complete the 大学预科课程 with a minimum 2.平均成绩0分,ACT成绩18分或更高.
  4. Students who meet full-qualifier certification requirements for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).


*In lieu of ACT scores, students may submit equivalent SAT scores.


A student 21 years of age or over who does not meet or satisfy admission requirements set forth in the above Undergraduate 招生要求, may apply for admission as a non-degree-seeking student. Admission may be granted for such programs or courses as he or she may be prepared to enter. Degree-seeking student status may be achieved by meeting admission standards as set forth in the above Undergraduate 招生要求 or by completing a minimum of twelve (12) credit hours with a “C” average or higher. Persons who are not high school graduates are required to pass the General Education Development (GED) test.

Applicants Under Age 21 Without A High School Diploma

Applicants under age 21 who have not graduated from a regionally accredited high school must submit qualifying scores on the General Education Development Test (GED) or be home-schooled. Submission of scores on the ACT or SAT is strongly encouraged. Home-schooled students must present portfolios which summarize their educational experiences and other applicants must submit transcripts reflecting academic performance in courses taken. All applicants must appear for an on-campus interview.


English: (4 Carnegie Units) Courses must require substantial communication skills (i.e. 读、写、听、说).
Mathematics: (4 Carnegie Units) Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry. A fourth course in higher level mathematics is highly recommended.
Science: (3 Carnegie-Units)生物学, 先进的生物, Chemistry, 先进的化学, physics, and advanced physics or any other science source with comparable rigor and content. One Carnegie Unit from a physical science course with content at an introductory level may be used. 所选课程中必须有两门以实验为基础.
社会研究: 美国历史(1个单元), world history (1 unit with substantial geography component), 政府(1/2单位), 经济学(1/2个单位), 或者地理(1/2个单位).
高级选修课: (2卡内基单元)外语, 世界地理, 第四年实验室科学, 或者四年级数学. One unit must be in foreign language or 世界地理.
计算机应用程序: (1/2 Carnegie Unit) The course should include use of application packages, 比如文字处理和电子表格. The course should also include basic computer terminology and hardware operation.
八年级单元: Algebra I or first-year foreign language taken in the eighth grade will be accepted for admission provided course content is same as the high school course.

You must have the following items on file in the Office of Admissions in order for your application to be processed:

  1. 入学申请表(已签署)
  2. ACT/SAT成绩(仅限新生)
  3. Appropriate final Transcripts (High School or College)
  4. 免疫记录(MMR) 点击查看更多信息
  • FAFSA将于10月1日发布
  • FAFSA代码:002396
  • Once you have been admitted to pg电子下载, you can apply for scholarships
  • 奖学金申请将于10月1日开始.
  • 你必须被录取才能申请住房
  • 早春开始申请住房
  • Submit your housing application early for priority consideration


The forms listed below are available for download In Adobe Acrobat format. 您可能需要下载免费的
adobeacrobatreader 查看这些表格的软件.


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