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Resolutions Policy and Request Form

The pg电子下载 State University Office of Alumni Affairs is responsible for preparation and publication of commemorative resolutions concerning the lives and services of University faculty, staff, students, alumni, and other members of the university community.

  1. AS A COURTESY, PLEASE SUBMIT RESOLUTION REQUESTS TO THE ALUMNI AFFAIRS OFFICE. Please allow the office sufficient time to prepare resolutions for printing and processing. You will receive an email confirmation when we receive your resolution. If you do not receive confirmation within (48 hours) upon making the request, please contact Alumni Affairs by email:
    [email protected] (601) 877-6323
    Resolution requests are completed in the order in which they were received during normal business hours.
  2. Written requests received within 7-9 days of the program or service to ensure the proposed resolution is completed and delivered to the family or organization.
  3. Please submit a biography or obituary with pertinent information about the honored or deceased to be used as a guide in developing the resolution by including the following: parents name, hometown, educational background, occupation/career, spouse/partner, siblings, social/civic clubs, community achievements, professional awards and recognition, etc.
  4. Resolutions can only be requested by one person, representative or point of contact.
  5. If the presence of a university representative is requested, please notate this in your request. Service or program must be within 150 miles of the university’s Lorman campus, and the request must be received 7-10 in advance of service or program.
  6. There is a $200 fee for 14” x 17” framed resolution.
    • Non-framed resolutions that require shipping are $15.
    • Non-framed resolutions that require faxing are $0.
  7. IF A RESOLUTION REQUIRES ADDITIONAL RESOURCES AND INFORMATION (i.e. research, drafting biography, the staff will contact the requesting person. The resolution, if accepted, shall not be put into action until such funding is secured.
Alumni Affairs


Alumni Affairs Coordinator
Alumni House Bed & Breakfast
1000 ASU Drive #809
Lorman, MS 39096-7500
(601) 877-6323

For any questions or concerns please contact Alumni Affairs by email
[email protected] or phone (601)877-6323


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*If yes the memorial service has to be within 150 miles of the university.
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*There is a fee of $200 for 14 x 17” framed resolution and an extra $15 fee for priority mailing.
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*$10 shipping and handling fee
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*There is a $15 fee for priority mailing.
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